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We, Ginza Lotus Legend, faithfully do all we can provide in our Fortune Counselling and Therapies, wishing you to acquire the wishful future, that is also the greatest pleasure for us.

★ We regularly and thoroughly carry out security inspection to protect your personal data comprehensively against leakage.
★ We have no relationship with ideological / religious bodies at all.

Please consult us at ease.

Fortune CounsellingMake the impossible possible


Fortune Counselling

Various mystic experiences promoted her to study ancient and contemporary secrets of divination with east-west masters, and finally she has acquired sharp spiritual sensation and precise divination. Her counselling is kind-hearted and based on massive achievements and all-round performances, which makes her be trusted by a number of the clients and the followers. If you would like to understand anyone, Ginsasha will reach his / her consciousness, read it in a deep level, and tell you the message in detail.

Ginsasha can use :
Psychic inspiration, Iching,Tarot(full deck), Rune Stones,
Pendulum Dowsing, Findhorn Angel Cards, Psychometry,
Aura Reading, Oriental/Western Astrology, Numerology

The counselling should be done on the phone or face-to-face.

*1 session -50 min.- 18000yen (tax included)

TherapiesYet another solution to “Why & How” in life


Music Therapy with Piano

Takashi Kurosawa
After getting bachelor and master degrees from the Department of Physics at the University of Tokyo, he worked on Research and Development in IBM Japan, and published a number of papers. Then he moved to Microsoft Co. Ltd. as a planner and a developer for advanced technology. Afterwards, he established Frontier K International Co. Ltd.. Playing the piano, chorus, and music composition in many genres have been always his favorites since his childhood. He studied playing the piano under Ms. Chiyoko Takizaki and philosophy concerning human spirituality under Mr. Yasunosuke Takizaki, respectively, and moreover, playing Bach under Mr. Jorg Demus and in addition a piano course in Julliard School of Music in the U.S.. Finally he held a piano recital “Resonance with Chopin". We must say that Kurosawa is actually rare existence who perfectly possesses united left and right brain that excels in both science, technology and art. His tender character also touches richness with the unlimited music, and makes him adored by a number of fans. The therapy is massively based on the uses of the fruit of research of the relation among the resonance, the pulse, and breath of the tone. As communications through the sound and the resonance are valued, the method through touching pianos (either of Steinway or Bosendorfer) may be adopted in the therapy. At the moment he is taking care of the IT-section in Ginza Lotus Legend trying to establish humanlike synthesized music without inferiority compared to virtual concerts.

* 1 session - 50 min. - 22000yen (tax included)
* Additional fee is charged when you enter a piano salon or a
* The piano used is limited to be either Steinway or 

Martial Arts & Diet Therapy

Yoshitomo Kawashima
He has shown that a healthy body and a sane spirit are in the interrelation since he started martial arts at 20 years old. He is an expert in the KARATE-DO, the IAI-DO, and the BATTO-DO which are related to the BUSHI-DO where the mind, the technique, and the body are valued. He is also working as a black-belt guidance member in the Kyokushin-Iwata Karate gym. His knowledge about human body covers wide range of biomechanics that is carried out to men and women of all ages with great results. His session mostly starts with adjusting the fundamental breath control, and instructing the eating habits to properly optimize the cycle of human activity, then proceed in practical instruction of the exercise and the diet from the viewpoint of the martial arts. As a healthy body affects the beauty side, women who want dieting and beauty appreciate him in part because Kawashima is actually a reliable gentleman. Although martial arts might be regarded to be hard to approach, it is in fact eminently useful not only for contemporary daily life but also for protecting from metabolic syndrome. For this reason, the martial arts is highly appreciated among foreign countries other than Japan. Kawashima, his activity varies; managing a kindergarten, taking responsibility as Presidential Director of the Next Enterprises Inc. to develop personnel resources. He always encourages people who are living toward the dream.

* 1 session – 50 min. - 18000yen (tax included)
     1 session with a translator – 50min.- 23000yen
* Additional fee is charged when you enter the gym.
* Please wear clothes you can move in with ease.
A locker room is provided where you can change clothes.



Lymph Therapy

Toshiko Hakoda
When in Toshiko’s twenties, she was exhausted mentally and physically. “Even in this situation, what is the meaning that I am alive in this world?” She was considering such an ultimate question every day, and wanting to disappear forever. However, she had one experience which made her recognize that assembly of each cell in the body was in fact one integrated intention. That was truly her turning point of life. During the process pursuing the truth, she had a fortune counselling that invoked her sleeping power and wiped out her distress. Finally Toshiko realized that a spirit and a body, or a inner system and an outer system are mutually inter-related in some way. Since then, she has trained herself concentrating on “healing and reproducing mind and body”, and finally got the Lymph Therapist certified by Noguchi Medical Research Institute, U.S. Foundation. Her therapy accommodates pure and warm-hearted energy, and therefore there are these days a number of clients adore her. Lymph therapy is quite popular among those who are interested in purification or beautification because it may be possibly helpful for metabolism and detox effects, but she says “It’s just my pleasure not only the body but the mind is also healed during my therapy.”

* 1 course – 50 min. - 18000yen (tax included)
* The lymph therapy is provided at Ginza Lotus Legend or at
     your place.
* Transportation fee is charged when the therapist visit your

Colour & Aroma Therapy

She majored in French and learned especially Pascal in her school days. After graduating the university, she studied more languages in England and came back to work in IBM Japan as a secretary. Afterwards, she joined Reuters Ltd. and worked as a customer relations executive. Ginsasha also has an experience to teach at junior high school according to the wish of her deceased father who was the chairman of the district educational committee. During this period, sha devoted herself to vaious volunteer activities and at the same time had inter-communications with domestic / foreign masters together. Then she established Ginza Lotus Legend in order to apply the results of her pursuit of the knowledges through experinces practically for everyone. She is currently in charge of managing both Fortune Counselling and Therapy sections. She is a colour therapist / a teacher certified by Ecole de Metier (Asian branch of International Association of Colour Consultants and designers), and her therapy covers psycological analysis, counselling, and healing based on internationally popular ‘scent-sation system’ that can use Colour & Aroma together. If you wish to quest more, her clear spiritual counselling should be provided. She always wishes to be a help of each client who wants to realize his /her fulfilled life.

* 1 session – 50 min. - 18000yen (tax included)
* The colour & aroma therapy is provided at Ginza Lotus Legend


*There is a discount when each therapy is taken by 2persons or more.
*Please inform us if you regularly see a doctor. It might not be able to carry out 
   our sessions according to the symptom.

☆We, Ginza Lotus Legend, base ourselves on holistic concept that integrated viewpoint 
   involves mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual viewpoint mutually. The therapists 
   cooperate mutually in order to do a support enough for each person of the clients. 
   Ginsasha keeps the reports from each therapist with total responsibility. Of course, 
    it is possible to make it concentrate only for the therapist according to your preference.
☆The session that integrates Fortune Counselling and Therapy is also possible.




For an appointment (Fortune Counselling / Therapies)
Phone to Ginza Lotus Legend
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A reservation will be fixed at the stage where payment is confirmed after your call, and we will send the map etc. for the guide. 


Fortune Counselling & Therapy
Ginza Lotus Legend
4-13-16 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 Japan

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